Barcelona shopglog (fashion)

Yesssss.. time for some shopping!
My new coat! I've had seen this one in Holland at Zara. But I waited to buy is because I knew it would be a bit cheaper in Spain. It saved me about €20. (Holland €100, in Spain €80)
LOVE LOVE LOVEEE the color. 
OMG to get this dress.. long story short:. Search in every Bershka shop in Holland. Then order it online.. it never come.. so manyyy phonecalls (20??) then my boyfriend bought in in Barcelona. When I arrived and tried it it was to small! So then every Bershka in Barcelona.. mennn.. and last minute!.. there it was.. HAPPY!!!!
This cute pullover blouse from Bershka. So many flowers!
Hat from Natura.
Every time when I am in Spain I go to this shop called "Natura" they have the best stuff! I've bought some cute bracelets. Both at a different Natura shop.
This gorgeous blouse from Primark in violet. (Love that color!)
This cute playsuit from Zara. Fell in love with this right away. So cute and so comfy.

There will be a whole post about my new Marc Jacobs wallet on monday!
And a Barcelona shoplog beauty soon.

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  1. Hi! Perfect shopping. The coat omg ist very beualtiful i want too. I gonna check today in zara from Antwerpen. Thanks for the advices. Xxxx

  2. Die lange jurk is prachtig! Gelukkig heb je het kunnen vinden in Barcelona:)


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