1: At the launch of the new fall/winter collection from 2: Football! Holland came so far.. 3: My all-time favorite perfume: DIASY from Marc Jacobs. The only bad thing is getting chased by bees!
4: The best icecream from ijsboutique :) 5: Are they cupcakes/macarons or anything else sweet? No just soap and shampoo bars :) Form Lush. 6: Getting a pedicure.
7: Amsterdam Fashionweek visiting Tony Cohen's show 8: My Louis Vuitton bag got my initials. It's a service at the Louis Vuitton store! 9: Selfie in the elevator at work. 
10: Details of the day! Still in love with my Chanel brooch but I am not wearing it much often. 11: Selfie! 12: Selfie with my mom! 

Have a nice weekend! 

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  1. Oeh, die cupakes van Boohoo. Zo cute! En wat gaaf een LV met jóúw initialen.

  2. Leuke fotos! en wauw jij bent gorgeous!


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