Shoplog Barcelona (Beauty)

 When I was in Barcelona I've done some shopping. You guys have already seen the shopglog fashion here  so now it's time for the beauty edition. Most of the products came from Sephora because we don't have store in Holland anymore!
 I was running out og my favorite eyeshadowprimer the one from Urban Decay. This lasts for ever and is really the best primer I've ever had. I've heard so much about the make-up setting spray All Nighter from Urban Decay so I thought lets give it a try. I've been using it ever since i'm back and i'm loving it.
 Every beauty blogger is obsessed with this Formula X nail polish brand so I had to try this.They say this should stay on the nails for ever. For at least a week. Well.. I've tried it without a base and topcoat to get a good impression if this really works but I am a bit disappointed. Every other nail polish with a base and topcoat stay's on longer than this one so.. 
 This brush cleaner is my favorite for years now. I needed a back-up also. This foundation sponge is not fron Sephora but a random drugstore . I also needed a new one because my current one is verrrry dirty :) These cotton pads are very comfortable and easy to travel with.
Last but not least.. Argan Oil from Primark! Really? Really! We were in Primark for a simple orange t-shirt (for football!) and at the desk I saw this. Have not used this yet. 

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