1: Selfie for Shake up the world (with the bracelets) 2: Love this picture! 3: Seriously in love with this new lipctick from GOSH! Wearing it in the first picture.
4: Almost my birthday! Yay :D 5: Love this gorgeous girl and my new pink lipstick. The combination is perfect! 6: My deliveryman just got insane I think last week. So did I wow! A lot of work to do :) 
7: Home made cupcakes! They were so delicious. 8: #nomakeupchallenge 9: Happy candle
10: Essentiels for that night. Hair mask from L'anza and serum from Yentl oil. 11: Armcandy! 12: Burrito's make me happy :)

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IDM newborn fotografie