Aveda invited press to discover the new website www.aveda.nl
The website did exist but now you can online shop and find every information you need about the product your interested in. It was so much fun! Take a look...

At first when we came in they offered us a cup of thee from Aveda. It was part of the ritual they want their visitors to experience and be a part of. There was also enough bites and drinks. Before I got in there was a yoga class but I didn't participated. A lot of girls did though!

 Hairproducts. Aveda got different ranges for every type of hair. Pure natural (so as all their product) We could fill in a paper to see what type of hair we have and which products would be the best match. They also had a device so she could measure the conditioning from scalp and hair. Amazing!  
 Hand treatments! I loved it. They used the Stress- fix range for this. Well I can tell you I was totally relaxed afterwords. 
 Aveda launches a new collection of make-up twice a year.
 You can see me smiling that means it was fun!
Goodie bags! With all the press information and lovely products. 

So here it is! The renewed website www.aveda.nl
What their offering at the moment (until 16 november)is when you order a product you don't pay any delivery costs. And you get 2 luxurious samples.
There will e added a special code for you dear readers when you buy over €60,- you will get 5 extra luxurious samples! That code is: launch
The website is very organized and complete.

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