What have I been up to?!

1: In the elevator at work. 2: This sunday lunch was amazingly delicious! 3: My new cashmere scarf from Repeat.

4: New opening from the Douglas store in Zaandam. 5: cocktails! With a small selected group of people (from Maison PR and a few famous Dutchies) we had a short workshop making cocktails! At the Hästens store.6: So exited for the next months. A lot of nice events coming up and I am also going to walk on the catwalk again and be a model for a Dutch designer. It has been a while!
7: Long bath's with lots of candles, food, wine and series. 8: So in love with the Chanel Le Volume mascara. 9: My desk at night.
10: Yummy! Almost every saturday me and my boyfriend go to the marked to buy lots of fresh food! We have a machine to make bread and fresh juices. Lovely! 11: #inspiration 12: Shopping! New in.
13: Real? For real. Some neighbor stole the product that was inside this package. Insane. Someone must know about all the beauty products I receive.. Luckily the company is sending me a new product. 14: True right fashionista's? ;) 15: Love hats! I want a new one. Getting some inspiration from this magazine from Paris.

Have a nice week! XO

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