My two absolute favorite eye make-up removers all-time. They do all the work without irritating the eye area because they are so gentle. Very quick. I don't wear waterproof make-up but I do use a lot of eyeshadow+base and sometimes a smokey eye! So I can really recommend these two. I can't pick sorry ;)

" Removes makeup perfectly from the lashes and the eye contour, leaving the skin soft and supple. Combines effective makeup removal with respect for the delicate eye area. Demaquillant Yeux Intense removes all types of eye makeup, including waterproof, instantly and completely. It combines effective cleansing with respect for the sensitive eye area. The upper phase is composed of highly purified cleansing oils. The lower phase is rich in gentle rose and cornflower waters." 

"A bi-phase lotion which instantly removes all traces of eye make-up, including long-wearing and waterproof formulas. Ophthalmologist-tested to be gentle enough for the most sensitive eyes, including contact lens wearers." 

 Have you ever tried one of these eye make-up removers?

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