It has been a while since I've been so enthusiastic about a nail polish. A product that has the wow effect! 
Young Nails introduces Caption nail polish. Read my experience!

 Caption nail polish with LacQ3, a multi-patented proprietary technology that delivers a flawless finish that lasts without chipping for up to nine days. The formulation contains a nail hardener that helps strengthen and fortify brittle nails and is marketed as drying three times faster than regular polish. It’s available in 78 colors. 
 I love this midnight blue color with a slight shimmer in it. When my nails were getting done she only put one layer on the nail and it has the best coverage ever! And after 15 minutes it's dry. And by dry I mean really dry! Normally every time I do my nails one hour before going to bed, you can always see that the next day.
 There is also a base and topcoat available. 
After a week. It still looks good to go. Ok you can add a bit extra because of the nail that is growing. 
I am very enthusiastic about this brand.

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