1: Moisturize
As Joan says moisturize a lot! She likes to mix Advanced night repair (also my favo as you know!) in the morning with her day cream. For a glowing and dewy skin! As a supermodel she is flying a lot and we all know how what that does to the skin.
2: A good night sleep
Most important beautysecret. Get enough sleep! She average about seven hours a night.
3: SPF
Joan Smalls always wears an SPF 15. The best anti-aging method. Whatever the weather is.
4: Favorite evening look
Always go for an eye or lip. She loves red lipstick. Supermatte or superglossy.
4: Primer
She always wears a primer underneath the make-up.
5: Sports
Cardio and pilates At least twice a week. If she's not working she tries to do this everyday. 
6: What qualities do you need to become a supermodel?
Positive energy, a professional attitude and a strong, developed personality of your own.
7: Hair
Her DIY: She create  a mixture for her hair that consisted of avocado, olive oil and eggs!
8: Favorite fragrance
  Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. She loves any of his oil-based scents. As long as it isn’t too overpowering.

Sources: Glamour, Allure

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