Christmas is almost there! Yves Rocher has launched a limited edition edition. I have a few items from this collection and I would like to share this with you. Budgetproof!

 First things first. As you all know I'm a big sucker when it comes to scented candles. I just love them! It helps me relax.And it kinda feels like a treat. We don't always have money to spend on the luxurious ones like Diptyque.(So bad that you dont want to use it because of running empty!) This "fruits noirs blackberries" has this luxurious look and smell.  Very wintery though. In a few minutes the whole room is getting filled up with this fragrance.
 In the range line you have this blackberry showergel.  A big bottle! Love the packaging whith the fruit pictures on it. If you want to exfoliate more you can go for "fruits rouges" It's a mild scrub.
You have to love the sweet fruity smell when using products from these ranges.
And for the finish?  Fruits noir blackberry eau de toilette. When it comes to bath products I don't mind they are a bit sweet but when it comes to fragrances I like them to be more fresh. But thats just a matter of taste!

This is just a selection out of the range that is limited edition.
For more information: www.yves-rocher.com
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