I needed a serious day of relaxing and I hadn't shop for quit a while. At my day of I decided to go shop in town (Amsterdam). Best thing? There was sale everywhere! (OK except for Skins..)
Wanna see what I purchased?

 I found this gorgeous marine-blue cardigan at Aaiko. With 70% off! Lucky me. 
 Leather boots! I was searching for a pare like these for quit a while now! Love at first sight. With 40% off.
 Mimosa! No need to say more.. you know I love this candle so much. This is the travel size/small version.
 I think I never spend so much money on a parfum before but this one took my heart seriously.
And then you got some exclusive high quality product. There will be a blogpost about this separately.
I was looking for leather hand-gloves in this color for a while now. Big-time sale! It was half price + 2nd for free. I bought an extra pair for my mom.

Have a nice week everyone!!

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