As you all see, contouring is a big trend right now. Kim Kardashian was kind of the start of this whole hype. And now a lot of make-up brands make their own contour kit. So did Make-up studio!

 How slick is this palette!? The box is very pretty if you ask me.
 There are 5 different shades in the palette. This  shaping box powder palette is in the color "light" but the darker tones are dark enough for me!
 Specially now when winter times are here I can look a bit pale. Yes I can look pale to! I like to bronze a bit more because the natural bronze is missing. I made a combination of the two darker ones. They are highly pigmented!
 I must say I did use a tiny bit of the lighter shades but I did miss the shimmer! So I added a bit myself.
What do you think ladies!? 
Price: €49,00

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