How is life?!
 I had this high tea with this company Fountain about healty beautydrinks. More of that soon!
2: Me and my love. The last day of the year, ready to party!
3: Fireworks at the rooftop in Amsterdam! Happy new year!
 4: For a press trip in Brussel I had some free time to shop so I  bought a Tom Ford lipstick
5: Red lips! 6:. To buy or nor to buy.. I am so in love with my new sweater.
 7: In the Thalys with Charlotte from pinkypolish. At Brussel for this Yves Rocher event.
8: For Christmastimes I was in Groningen at my family. I had this high tea with my sister!
9: Christmas tree!
10: Cakeeeeeeeeeee! Yummm..11: I love this quote. True that right? 12: A photo while doing my hair.
Have a nice sunday everyone!
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IDM newborn fotografie