I am an extreme tea addict. I easily drink 8 cups a day. It could be 10. I only drink green, mint, jasmin, camomile and nettle tea. Sometimes lemon but then also green tea lemon.
I only drink camomile and nettle tea because their healthy and good for a lot of things so I don't drink them every day.
Green tea and mint tea I drink every single day! I just love it. I'm not so in to tastes like strawberry or just English tea. No you can really make me happy with green tea!
And some green tea has no tast at all. I hate when that happens but hey..
I found a new favorite tea from Tea Bar! I've tried 3 different ones:
Marrakech mint bio, Hello sunshine bio and sensei sencha. That last one is by far the best!
Green with a touch of lemon.  You can really taste how pure the tea from Tea Bar is.

What is your favorite kind of tea flavor? And have you ever tried Tea Bar before?
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