What have I been up to lately?!
1: We have this fresh juice system at home and when we go to the market we buy lotsssss of fresh fruits and vegetables! Hello vitamin shot.
2+3+4: Iceskating! Yeahhhh. Haven't done this for a while. Was pretty good at it :) 
5: My new boots, love them so much. 6: Also a new item: Le Labo perfume.
7+8+9: Bathing time. With these new Lush products plus favorite candle, my life was complete...
10: Straight hair, different look huh?! 11: Shopping at Skins Cosmetics. 12: Sunny day.

13: A fragrance u can drink? More soon about this exclusive label Abel. 14: Swimming 15: Another bath moment.. ( yes I love to take them as much as possible) with Chanel and icecream.

See u next time!

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