Valentine is almost there! Of course it's a big commercial hype but now that were celebrating love, why not making the best out of it? it's always a good idea to but some little extra care in your lovelife and spice things up right?! I love to take care of myself with some extra luxurious items. 

Here some inspiration to get you in the valentine mood yet!

 Let's start the evening with some good champagne! Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial. The pink details makes it more girly.
Seduce  him with your eyes! Nice long black lashes make you feel secure and feminine. Chanel Inimitable mascara can do the trick.
Perfume is a product that makes you feel complete after picking your outfit.
I love DAISY from Marc Jacobs. Very flowery it always makes me happy!
 Take your lover to a nice hotel. The perfect idea to make yourselves feel at home in a hotel room is by taking your own scented candle. I love this Jo Malone "Red Roses" home candle. The travel size is perfect and lasts for a while.
By Redo launches these new hair parfume sprays. I love it!! My favorite scent (I also have it in real parfume) Blanche took my heart again. Also a perfect size for in your bag on-the-go. Available at Skins Cosmetics soon.
Sweet seductive eyes with this new palette "The Dream" from Sisley. It's so gorgeous and perfect for a natural look.
Blush. Not that u need it .. you should have a natural one for yourself. My all-time favorite blush from M.A.C
 Lipstick! Very important. Put on a sexy flirty pink or red. This Estee Lauder pure color envy lipstick in the color "Rebellious Rose" is the perfect one.

Sexy lingerie. A nice set of lace can do magic. I'm really in to mint. It suits my skin-color perfectly.

I got this thing for luxurious soap. I just love it. I took this Diptyque soap bar from the store on Paris. Chanel No5 took my heart a while a go but I recently decided to buy it. 

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