BLUSHES! It's that time of the year to switch up your make-up. Spring is there!
OK not officially but you can feel it in the atmosphere. I selected 8 different gorgeous blushes from different high-end brands that I think you would like. 
Come and take a look! 

Estee Lauder Pure Color blush "exotic pink"

In one word gorgeous. The golden box with brush, the fresh color... It perfectly suits my skin-tone!
The high pigment is a big plus.

Bobbi brown powder blush "Plum"

A bit darker pink than the rest which I love.That suit's my skin-tone as well. The big plus about this blush is the size. Easy and light so it's perfect in your daily make-up bag.
Bobbi Brown always had the best pigment in their blushes so I don't think I need to convince you on that one ;)

Chanel jardin de chanel "Camelia rosé"

Oh oh oh... what a beauty!!! This camelia rose blush speaks for itself.
 We all love Chanel no doubt about that. And this limited edition for spring is a must have for every woman.
 The duo of pinks makes it extra special. The blush comes with a brush in the box.

Clinique cheek pop berry pop

This blush screams spring!! How can you not love this? A fresh pink natural blush on the cheeks.
What makes it extra special is the flower. It makes you happy just by looking at it!
And last but not least very compact. A big winner if you ask me.
The blush has launched last year so it's easy to get your hand on this beauty.

M.A.C Julia Petit limited edition "Sunbasqued "powder blush"

Julia Petit is a Brazilian beauty blogger and she launches her own collection this month! (March 21)
Something different than pink but on the right skin-tone (when your as light skin-toned as Julia herself  for example) is this a very special blush. It has some redness in it.

sisley l'orchidee highlighter blush

I've reviewed this before (HERE)  but oh.. this is such a pretty highlighting blush! A real must have. It's also available in pink. 

Babor cream blush stick

Babor is a luxurious brand that is available at the beautician. Mostly known for their skincare but the make-up is also very pretty! Babor recently launched their spring/summer collection and this blush is a part of it.
It's not a powder blush but a creamblush. That lasts longer on the skin. Specially when your sweating in the sun ;)

Smashbox  halo long wear blush peachy dream

Also a bit different blush. This blush from Smashbox is a powderblush that you can pull out by switching. from left to the right. Very unique! In that way you can dose how much you want. And it's also very hygienic!
The peach color is very pigmented but not to much. But the box is quit big so that can be a misser.
€ 28,00

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