It has been a while.. what have I been up to?!

1: Spring is in the air! Time for some icecream. I love the sprinkles that makes me smile
2: Total different look right? Straight hair an a lot of make-up. For a party!
3: I love my new sweater. It came with my abonnement on Vogue magazine.

4: An exciting meeting at the headquarter from Supertrash. 5: The perfect t-shirt for a blogger who works 
hard and dreams hard. 6: My shade of grey that day.
7: Straight hair, pink lips and a bowl had. On a mission :) 8: Bathroom session. 9: Sunny day in Groningen.
10: Hihi, like a boss. + Duckface. How cute.. this mini-me. 11: Organic high-tea with a friend. 
12: My hair is getting longer and longer. 
13: My dog and I. She is so cuteeee! 14: New in: Dermalogica skin-care. 15: This came in .. al these gorgeous products for my blog. 

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IDM newborn fotografie