I can't wait to go to Barcelona again! Last year my boyfriend and I went there for a couple of days because he was there for work. I joint.
This year we are planning to go again in june. Counting the days! 
Hopefully we can spent some more time on the beach this time because last time it was a bit cloudy the day we went.
I thought it would be fun to share some must-haves what I think you can not live without.
Except for a bikini of course but that's not in this ook.

Icepops! As much as possible | A good book. I just finished "On Top" from Anna Nooshin. More about that soon | A laid-back shirt. One you can take of very easily | My favorite: A hat. Not just to look fa-bou-lous but also for my hair. My hair color is dark so when the sun hits my hair I am on fire. And I am not kidding | A beach towel. I need a new one! I like a towel that make's you happy. | Shorts. In despered need of a few new ones. I threw all mine away. Don't know why? | Smooties! What not to love about hem? | More kind of a festival bag but also fun for the beach | Some comfortable sandals who also look good in a fun beach bar | Sunnies! Or else you can't see anything. And it looks fun | Wedges. For when you want to make your entrance on the beach ;) | Ipad to feed your Instagram addiction. And listening to music, play some games.. 

What not to love about the beach!? Specially in Barcelona.

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