Chanel has again launched a stunning summer collection. From that I received three wonderful bronzy products.
illuminating powder Lumiére été (limited edition), Le Vernis Terrana (limited edition) and Stylo Eyeshadow Caroube (limited edition)
 Le Vernis Terrana  €23,50 (limited edition) is a very gorgeous brown color with a shimmer in it. Very bronzy/summery.
 #147 Caroube eyeshadow stick. €24,50. Gorgeous! I am a big sucker for bronzy eyeshows. This is perfect to take away to a vacation also. The product is so smooth and the pigment is very intens.
Added in my daily make-up collection!
 Iluminating powder Lumiére été €56,00 (limited edition).
In this beautiful packaging with a brush included.
When you have a lighter skin-tone than I have you can use this as a bronzer.
I like to use this more as an all-over highlighter/bronzer to get that glow.
 Swatch: Terrana on my nails.
Swatch:  Stylo Eyeshadow Caroube. Absolutely love the intensity and softness!

In the Chanel Mediterannee collection are a lot more products available.
You can search them up online or go the the beauty counter.

So what do you girls think about these pretty items?!

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  1. Such a gorgeous collection, as always! Love every single item!
    XO IMKE //


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