1: A new book! Anna Nooshin is such a power lady op top in this online industry so I was very curious about this book.
2: Me and my love enjoying the sunny days here in Amsterdam. Oh.. and you might have noticed.. my hair is a bit lighter again! I like brown so much more.. specially this season.
3: Just what I needed after a long day of work! OONA and Scholl had organized a pedicure treatment for us. 
We also received a nice device to take home. More information soon.
Festival season has started! I went to Vrijland Festival in Amsterdam. The essentials? A cool hat, mirror sunnies, flash tattoo's and a nice bag.
 7:Time out.. in despered need for a weekend of relaxing. My boyfriend organized a weekend in Rotterdam. It was so nice. I've bought a few products from Rituals for in the hotel.
8: Travel essentials (in the train) 9: Selfie! I was wearing a maxidress with a split and my Jaguar blazer from Supertrash. Love it!
10: Oh hello! Ok you can't see the whole outfit but I was wearing a new jumpsuit and my hat. All black except for the brigth pink lips.
11: New in! When we were in Rotterdam I've did some shopping for the summer.
I love the new beach hat, the Havaiana flipflops and some extra suncream.
12: It also was Kingsday here in Amsterdam. Luckely it was a sunny day! Look at my orange little kings hat ;)

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