Hello July! Time to represent to you... my favorite products from last month.

#1: Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser.
Love this stuff! It calms the skin, feels so soft and gives you that spa / luxurious feeling.

#2: Clarins Bi-Serum Intensif.
Seriously hooked and can't live without it. It leaves my skin looking perfect!

#3: Le Labo "Neroli 36" perfume.
I own this perfume for a couple of months now and I love to wear it every day.
I shouldn't because of the price but every time I smell the fragrance I get this instantly happy feeling.

#4: Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal mask.
When my skin has this mayor breakout this stuff works for sure. Without drying out the skin.

#5: Urban Decay "NAKED On The Run" Palette.
I've bought this at Sephora in Barcelona and I am in love! It was on my wishlist for a while.

#6: Bobbi Brown Art Stick
This Art Stick in the color Dusty Pink suits so well on my lips. It's meant to be.
#7: John Masters Organics "Rosemary and Arnica" body wash.
A little spa moment in your own bathroom. I use this every single day now.

#8: Collistar Moisturizing Restoring Aftersun Body Balm.
I took this with me on vacation and it's perfect for in the shower after a day on the beach.
Let that tan stay a bit longer please!

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