This was my first time ever using a self-tanning spray. I really like the result! So natural and so healthier looking. Better for the skin as a solarium.
Yes I have a tinted skin-tone but I can get as pale as everyone can gets. Specially in wintertimes.
Since a few years I take a few trips to the solarium. But we all know how bad that is for the skin.
So how about self tanning? 
How will that come out on my skin-tone? And would it be natural?
And how long will it lasts?

How to use:
* Shake the bottle before using.
* Use a towel above your clothing.
* Spray the texture on your skin
*Wait 10 seconds.
 * Then go with circle motions on the skin.

The natural tanning spray conforms to the latest EU regulations on cosmetic products. It is dermatologically tested and is used daily by hairdressers, skin specialists and artists. Thanks to the natural tanning spray, you do not come into contact with the harmful UV rays of the sun or a tanning bed. The product is suitable for all skin types and the entire body.
What I love about the product is that it has ingredients that are good for the skin.
It has no damage. The product is enriched with vegetable, nourishing and authentic ingredients including Aloe Vera and Ginkgo.

The results without make-up

Te result with make-up:

How long did it lasts?

It lasts for at least 3 days. Thats for a optimal result.
Is so easy and it looks so natural! I never used a selftanner before and I must honestly say I was a bit optimistic.But yes, definitely will keep using this at the beginning of the summer.
I hope that I won't need it much longer.

I also received a glove that is easy to use. Perfect for legs and stuff. That is not included in the set but you can buy that for €9,95

I am very positive about the Marc Ibane Natural Tanning Spray.
This travel set costs €39,95.

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