Time for a new type of article! Ask men. This idea pops in to my head very spontaneous last week.
I was busy with an article for the new Chanel nail polish for fall 2015. I am a big fan of blue.
All the ones you see in the picture came out of my own stash. But.. I always think: "What would men think of this? I think they hate it and prefer red or just a simple french manicure.
So why not ask them? I've asked a couple of good male friends of my who has most of the time a strong opinion.  Different types like the "businessman", the "cool boy" the " banker"  and the more "nerdy" type.

They came with some very honest and hilarious answers!

Man 1 (Cool, streetwise)
"I think blue nail polish for woman is not that interesting. Not any kind of blue except when it has like some gold added to it like a stripe or something.
When it's all basic I don't like it. Not ugly but depressing actually.

The type of woman I think of when I see blue nail polish is boring and strictly. But it can be fashionable I guess. I Think baby-blue is cute!
I love to see a woman wearing white, red or pink. French manicure is also a good choice.
For a special occasion black can be nice to. Matt or shiny. Only when it's stylish!
I also prefer basic/clean nail polish. And I say clean because some woman are like pigs and they don't take care of their nails."

Photo: Sincerly Jules.

Man 2 (Nerd)
"Hmmm.. Ok let me see a picture I need to visualize. 
Oh heavy! I don't know. It depends on the skin-tone I guess and who is wearing it.
If you have very light skin-tone I don't think this will suit you though. 
In my opinion a pastel kind of blue is the best choice. I see a fashionable girl wearing this heavy kind of blue. Specially not my mom! 
I prefer no nail polish (just a basecoat maybe) on the nails.
A french manicure, what is that? Oh yeah I like that but the nails have to be short cut not to long.
I thing long nails are scary!"

Man 3 (Sales-adviser)
"I like dark blue! But I must honestly say, me as a man.. I can't see the difference between different kind of blues.
I definitely see a confident, not standart, classy kind of woman wearing blue nails.
But I like neutral/basic nails the most. 
And you should know.. I like to polish the nails of a woman. I think its exciting and fun!
Don't ask me why. Me: Ok.. you can polish mine sometimes?!
I would love to. When?"

Man 4 ( Banker)
" Blue nail polish for me is similar to leggings: a piece of clothing that is a real no-go, until the right woman wears it.
Some woman can get away with it but in my opinion only when you match the nail polish with blue accessories. Like your shoes, the bag or maybe your phonecase.
It's s a no-go when the woman is very light skin-toned. 
If a woman wants to wear it she nees to radiate class. A young woman who is ambitious and likes to follow trends.
I prefer a lighter color of blue or els it can be a bit harsh.  

In my opinion red is the best choice for nails (and lips) for a woman. it brings out the primal instinct up in the man. 

Conclusion. Ok I love blue nail polish.. but I will never wear it on a first date again when I want to impress a man. Haha I loved the honest reactions of these men. It's pretty obvious that men are not that in to blue nail polish (except when you are veryyyy stylish) and prefer to see us with simple basic- but well taking care off -nails. Boring right?!

What do you girls think? Would you like to see and article like this more often?

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