What have I been up to lately?! I feel a lot better lately and I did a lot of fun stuff.
@ilsedaniellemartina EVER! mygod they are to pretty to eat. But ofcourse I eat a gold sprinkled one. This was at a event for a new perfume. More about that soon!

2: Make-up of the day! (at work) 3: Selfie.

 4: This was at the same event as the cakepops. Sereously.. Love it!
5: And not to miss.. Cocktails! 
6: The bright side of being single. Had some rough months but now I feel better I need some new stuff. Every excuse possible to shop at Victoria's secret.
 7: Selfie at my moms home. I went to Groningen twice this month :)
8: Pamperingroutine that night. My skin needed that. I am obbsessed with the new skinmasks from Starskin. More about that soon!
9: Always. Nomather what.
10: Love this new skin tool! Testing this out right now and there wil be a review coming up.
11: Time to party! With a group of friends with ADE we went to "Strafwerk"it was so much fun!
12: Happy flowers! :)

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