Hi Beauties!
Today something different. I thought it would be fun to share with you some beauty disasters we all gecognize. I came up with quit some stuff.

"Running out of cottonpads"
" Sneezing when you put your mascara on"
"When your shampoo and conditioner bottles are not finishing at the same time"
"Forget to bring your towel to the bathroom when you are already in the shower or bath"
"Nail polish that flakes"
"Forgetting your lipbalm and having dry lips all day "
"Bumps on your skin after shaving"
"a bit too enthusiastic plucking eyebrows"
"Leaving the hairsalon feeling like a superstar, next day there is nothing left from that"
" Taking off make-up when you're really drunk and want to go to bed"
"Sponteneous sleepovers. No make-up, using handcream as a bodylotion, some else's toothbrush... same outfit as yesterday. Do I need to say more?"
"When your foundation is not the right color anymore. Summer-winter circumstances"
"shampoo in your eye"
"A total different haircolor than was showed on the packaging."
"When smokey eyes turns out to be looking like a panda"
"When your eyeliner on the left side is not equal to the right one"
"Lipstick on your teeth"

Photo: Harpers Bazaar UK.

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  1. OMG hilarisch en zelfs een tikkeltje herkenbaar! Ik haaaaat het om te ontshminken na een avondje met iets te veel alcohol 😳


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