I got invited to this Keune hair event were we got a tour trough the whole company. Even the fabric!
It was so much fun. We were with a group of 8 girls, ready to get a small touch-up or a big make-over!
I've dyed my hair a couple of weeks a go a bit darker because it was veryyy light after the summer.
So no extreme make-over for my. But they did dyed my hair... and the end you see the result!
 Here you can see the storage facility.
The laboratory.
Yet empty boxes.
 The group of girls.
 Gorgeous hair creation.
 A-MA-ZING! Do I need to say more?

 So this is the result! Not a big make-over but definitely a warmer tone. With a tiny red-glow.
I like it! 
The hairstylist dried my hair with this new kind-of diffuser system. I must say I like my traditional one more because my curls get more definition. You can see that my hair is more frizzy which I don't prefer.

Thanks to Keune for this pleasant day! 

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