Tanning? Yes please! The sexy summer sun-kissed glow is gone and may we all miss that.
To me the body is not that important to be bronzed but my face does.
I go the solarium once a month in fall/winter but that is not the best for the skin we all know that.
I used the Marc Ibane natural tanning spray for the last 4 months I think and I guess I am kind of addicted to it. So I was just about to run out my mini travel size so this launch came at the right time.

How cute is this mail box?! Very original if you ask me. The full-size 200ml is included.

I have written a review about the natural tanning pray if you have missed that you can read that HERE

How to use:
* Shake the bottle before using.
* Use a towel above your clothing.
* Spray the texture on your skin
*Wait 10 seconds.
 * Then go with circle motions on the skin.
€39,95  now available.

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