Haha, yes I know it looks quit scary! But I has to show you guys and believe it or not: This was the best one I've made ;)
I am veryyyy positive about this face mask. It's such a difference with all the ones I've tried.

About the hydrating bio-cellulose second skin face mask

-Deeply infuses dehydrated skin with intense organic hydration
-Rejuvenates and smoothes skin
-Easy to use, next generation bio-cellulose delivers celebrity skin in 20 minutes
- Cooling Second skin hydrating face mask.

About the Foaming Peeling Perfection  Puff

The patented puff is infused with a blend of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Carrot and Broccoli extract creates a rich lather that effectively and safely slough away dead skin, to help visibly reduce wrinkles and brighten skin tone. It can also be used a prep before skin care products to stimulate penetration of active ingredients.
The puff's foaming action creates an intense brightening and renewing effect without irritation and is safe for all skin types. Innovative fermentation technology provides an efficient and effective solution for eliminate dead skin cells, impurities, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and create an even skin tone.
 I't feels quit heavy on the skin so when you have a sensitive skin I would be carefully. But it seriously does what it needs to be! The skin is so soft and equal.
I have used this twice and I will use it one more time and then trow this away.

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