Oh, Oh, Oh. LOVE for these gorgeous lipsticks from Chanel. I am also very pleased how the picture came out. It's my screensaver  now btw.

 Rocking this dress in Barcelona! I like to take outfit shots but don't do that much often.
And on vacation I like to do that a lot. My favorite dress, sun, fun= SMILE

 Wow look at these gorgeous blushes! It make's my happy while looking at it.
 The combination of the background, colors and product. It all makes sense.
A review about a REN product.

 Calvi! So much fun, love, friends, sun, drinks everything! It was perfect.
 Girly things! And a lot of Chanel. 
 A look from fall I really like. Very simple but the gorgeous bag finishes the look.
Something different with my hair. And I like it! Its so easy to create. 

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