What have I been up to lately?!

 1:Christmas time! My favorite time of the year (ok except for the summer) My sister created this Teramisu cake herself! 2: Oui! We are going to Paris again in Februari! It has been 1,5 year already since the last time.  3: A cozy night in on the "third day of Christmas"with my love.

 4: That's good to know :) I love fortune cookies. 5: My sister and her boyfriend took care of Christmas dinner. It was so lovely. 6: Merry Christmas!

 7: How cute is this dessert? Me and my new roomies had a christmasdinner and I've made this dessert. 8: To buy or not to buy? I've bought it! It's from And Other Stories. 9: Macarons! I love them.
10: At a press day at OONA, 11: Getting my hair done at Keune 12: Chroomecast! Netflix, youtube.. all at my tv.

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