New year, new order at the!
I've heard so many positive feedback on the products from Redken.
I've tried the pure force 20 and I was curious about some other products. 

2 in 1 curly & wavy cream serum formula fights frizz, seals in moisture and locks out humidity. Provides control for all curl types and enhances the full-body of each curl.

This may looks like the best product of all.. but not for me unfortunately.
My hair is bit dry at this moment (from all the chemical treatments and blow-drying every day) and this make's it feels worse. The other products really makes my hair feel soft and moisturized. This one doesn't. Sorry redken!

I loveee this! I will definitely pull purchase this again. I love to apply this in my hair after a good shampoo. It moistures so very well. Yep only positive feedback on this product.

Moisturizing conditioner for dry hair detangles and helps replenish and rebalance hair's moisture level for a soft, shiny, airy finish. Its formula is enriched with Apricot oil, Glucosamine and Glycerin to help penetrate the hair to condition hair's cuticles and restore moisture. This conditioner for dry hair provides a soft and shiny finish.

Pure Force 20. Still a big fan! It has a new packaging but the product is still the same and I like it so much. It gives the perfect finish for my hair.

Its advanced formula delivers a clean, firm finish that will also give your hair a strong and shiny look all day.

This Redken Pure Force 20 finishing spray is an environmental friendly and non-aerosol spray that dries quickly. The product will make your hair firm without leaving residue after brushing.

When you reach the €30 you don't pay delivery costs, you save for your own discount and the products will arrive the next day.
You can find more brands like: Kerastase, Moroccanoil, L'Anza, Macadamia, Pureology and more.

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