Only because it takes so much time, I don't have this hairstyle every single day.
I love it! So classic and fits everyone. Only because my hair is very curly from itself it takes so much time: At least two hours. I'm not only having quit long hair but specially a lot of hair!
I am telling you in a short way how the proces works for me.

Staightning: First after showering I blowdry my hair. I do that with a rotating air brush from Babyliss. That takes about an hour. After that its dry and straight. But verrrry frizzy.
So the next step is straighting my hair with a tool from CHI. This takes about 15 minutes.
Sometimes I leave it straight like this but it looks better with curls. I use a lot of serum for this or else it stays very frizzy!
Curls! Big wavy curls. For this last step I use my curl iron from BrAun. Perfect! You can dose the heat yourself just like the CHI tool. This takes about 45 minutes.

With a lot of hairspray I try to keep the curls in my hair. But unfortunately they don't stay all day.
So if you have tips for me.. let me know!

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