Clinique introduces a true knight night: NEW Clinique Super Defense Moisturizer Night Recovery, a restorative night cream that does the heavy lifting while the skin rest. These nocturnal caregiver helps fight the signs of aging because it protects against external damage (eg pollution). A mix of active ingredients helps reinforce the skin barrier and stimulate the skin's own collagen and elastin. So you wake up with a fresh, youthful skin that is ready for a new day.

- Protects the skin against the external world
- Slows down the aging process
- Firms te skin
- Hydrates for top of the bill protection

Available in two textures: Very Dry - Very Dry Combination and Combination Grease -Grease. Use every night after the 3 Step System on face and neck.

My opinion?
I like it! The only thing is that there is no fragrance in it so it smells like nothing.
But better for the skin ofcourse!
It pulls in the skin very quick and easy.

Available from the end of januari.
 € 54,60 (50ml)

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  1. Deze ga ik zeker proberen, gebruik de dagcrème nu al een hele tijd en ben er supertevreden over!


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