When I received this package full of new make-up from Etos I was very enthousiast. Normally I were a lot of high-end brands but I like to try budget also now-and-then. Specially when I saw this because it's in my skin-tone! All of these products (I've skipped a few) are exactly what I like: Foundation, a pink high-pigmented blush, brown/nude eyeshadow colors, bronze and pink lipstick.
So for you guys a full look! Except for the mascara I've used everything from Etos.
 Blush brush: Love it! So soft and the cut of this brush is just perfect.|  Lipstick  "Running Wild" is a bright pink, I love that | Eyeshadow palette nude for the everyday look | Blush also in bright pink. I got loads of comliments when I wear this on my cheekbones | Compact powder in hazelnut | Fixing spray | Ultra Light foundation in hazelnut | Bronzing powder in hazelnut | Hydrating primer 

So I am very positive about the products. They are all very affordable so thats a big plus.

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