Spring was arrived, my favorite moment of the year! Many brands launches their new fragrances.
Just like Bvlgari did. I must say last year's edition is still one of my favorite fragrances of all time. It was the Indian Garnet (orange bottle) and it's close to finishing the bottle.
Will this be my new favorite? I am talking about the Paraiba eau the toilette 65ml

Omnia Paraiba is inspired by one of the most unique gems on earth: the radiant Paraiba Tourmaline of Brazil.
This eau de toilette is a luscious creation, intertwining the freshness of bigarade oranges with the exuberant passion flower.

Olfactory family: Floral -Fruity
Top Notes: Bigarade Orange from CuraƧao - Maracuja
Heart Notes: Passion flower - Gardenia from Brazil
Base Notes: Cocoa Beans - Vetiver Essence

Price: €79 for 65ml. Also available in smaller sizes

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