1: Smile! Good stuff happends and then you get to smile. More about that soon. 2: Burgers Yay! We went to this new restaurant called Thill Grill. 3: Ice cream. The first sun beams are a fact and that makes me very happy. Out for a walk to the Vondelpark that is close near our house and treating myself on an icecream.
 4: Festival time! DGTL it was. We were with a big group of friends (maybe 20..?) and it was so much fun. 5: In love with this cute new nailpolish from Isa Dora. The perfect pink for summer. 6: Bronzed look.
7: Everything on a stick! This resaurant was great. We went for our 2-year anniversary and had a great time! 8: On my way to my home town for the weekend. 9: Homemade herb butter. It was a while a go since I've made this for the last time. Perfect :)

10: Vitamin sea! A lovely day with my sis at Scheveningen. 11: The best Italian icecream everrrrr. 12: Bath times :)

Have a nice week everyone!

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IDM newborn fotografie