The bathroom, my favorite place in the house!  I like to treat myself on some me-time, taking a bath of a long hot shower in combination with some luxurious products. Creating my own little spa!
I love to search online for some bathroom inspiration so that's why I re-decorate it all the time.
So now I am sharing some details from our own bathroom.

On the left: Lately I came across this basket and it fits perfect in our bathroom. I added my favorite soaps (Blanche by Redo, Coco mademoiselle, Chanel n07) a few bath oils and a handtowel from Dille and Kamille.
On the right: you can see empty candle jars from Diptyque filled with cotton pads and cotton swabs.
On the left: The Jo Malone shower/handwash was completely empy and because I love the packaging so much I filled it with normal handsoap. But it still give's you that luxurious feeling! Next to that there is the Blanche soap bar from By Redo.  
On the right: On top of the bath there is this stand where I put my drink, Ipad etc in. But also the product that I will use for the bath that moment.

Ok a little-bit cheating because this is not the bathroom but the toilet! A different area but next to the bathroom. I thought it would be fun to share this also.
On the left: a basket filled with toiletpaper and next to that a frame with a picture of a clean bathroom and my favorite products from Diptyque. The candle "Voilette" which we bought in Paris a few months ago and next to that the '"Mimosa" roomspray.
On the right: handsoap, handcreme and handscrub. And ofcourse there is a clean towel, a mirror and everything else you need :) 
I think it's a very comfy area.
On the left: At the end of the bath there is some extra space were I put candles and this basket. With all kinds of bath products. From lush, The body shop, L' Occitane, Chanel, Aveda and Dermalogica.
Products like bathbombs and bubblebars, oils, scrubs, body lotions and bathfoam. Also  a few exfoliation gloves.
On the right: On top of the cabin there are my favorite scented candles. 

Maybe soon I will show you that's  in my shower! The shower is in the same bathroom of course but I didn't make pictures of that this time.

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