1: What a gorgeous rainbow! This view out of my window made me so happy. 2: Press day at OONA. Love the PR-girls. 3: Ben and Jerry icecream! 
 4: Zestra! Shopping. She was in Amsterdam for the weekend 5:My new phonecase, I love it! It was only €3,- in sale. 6: Dutch mini mancakes called : Poffertjes. I just love them and have quit an addiciton to them lately.
 7: Selfie! 8: The lovely girls from Simply PR. Aveda send me my favorite bath salt. For my baths during this pregnancy :) 9: Yoghurt and fruits! 
10: Sunny days! Chilling with my sister in Vondelpark. Snacks, bikini, magazines...everything you need. 11: Sisterselfie 12: New Kerastase products.

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IDM newborn fotografie