Well it was a hard pick. A stroller for our babygirl. Just to get inspired I took a good friend/ a momy to the store to give me some advice. At first I fell in love with the Joolz strollers. Very pretty and comfortable. I've tried a lot more but could not find what I liked. At first I did not even look at the Stokke strollers because of the prices. A bit overdone if you ask us.
A few weeks later me and my boyfriend got to the Prenatal store to check out the strollers together.
We fell in love with this one! There was a special sale price so this one so that made us very happy and we decided to go for this Stokke Xplory. Very good quality and the best when it comes to tall people (like us).
Also very solid and perfect for a random day in Amsterdam (think about trams etc).

A lot of testing! Doesn't he look's good like this? 

If you also have good experiences with Stokke let me know!

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IDM newborn fotografie