Wow, it has been a while since the last "life in instagram"

1+2+3:We went to Barcelona! We had a lovely time there.

 4+5+6 Also in Barcelona
7: Fridaynight! I went out for dinner and a movie with one of my friends. We went to Me before youand we loved it! A beautiful story and very romantic. Tissues were needed!
8: Icecream ofcrouse 9: Details from our coffee table at home.
10: A new bag! YAY. 11: Selfie 12: A lovely salad. I went for lunch with a friend in the sun.
13: Can you tell my belly is growing? 14: Her little cute head! She is growing big time now :) 15: I love to make dips like this. Nacho's and they were very yummy I must say...
16+17 selfies in Barcelona. 
18: At the beach here in Holland! We went to Bloemendaal aan Zee for a day and it was lovely.

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IDM newborn fotografie