Some for me, some for the baby ;) How cute are these luxury products from Bvlgari?
I've seen them in store a few years a go so I was aware that Bvlgari offers these kind of products.
When they send me these two products I was very touched. Maybe mommy will use the products first but it will definitely be showed in the nursery. Her first luxury beauty products.
Did I already told you how happy I am getting a girl..? ;)

6 months pregnant now and still going strong! The first 5 months it was so easy and I almost didn't noticed I was pregnant when it comes to aliments. Shining all day. I feel her bouncing in my belly and that's very special. But now slowly.. my back hurts and that kind of stuff. But I am not complaining ;) Nursery is almost finished and I can't wait to meet our little daughter.

Alcohol-free fragrance, Petits et Maman which is classified as aromatic-floral, is the first fragrance created for children, to the greatest delight of mothers and mothers-to-be. To compose Petits et Mamans, Bulgari choses gentle ingredients in order not to harm children’s skin. Tea is the main ingredient in this fragrance. It is widely known for its calming and soothing properties, not only in perfumes, but also in the form of nice, hot cup of relaxing tea which soothes the rough edges of a tired mind and soul. The fresh, citrusy beginning is followed by the unusual floral heart composed of chamomile, sunflower and rose. Natural peach, vanilla and iris extracts make for a pure and tender childlike moment. It was created in 1997. The nose behind this fragrance is Nathalie Lorson.

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IDM newborn fotografie