When it comes to skin care, Sisley is definitely on of my favorite brands.
It's an high-end brand with botanical skincare and a family company.
Overall my skincare-stash starting to get dominated by Sisley slowly and I found a product that exists for a while but is new for me. Talkin' about the gentle make-up remover for face and eyes.
At night I am always tired and I want my make-up removed as quick as possible.
Of course it's a whole routine.. and it takes about 10 minutes... but better than half an our right?
So I choose my products wisely. It's so easy: Just put a cotton pad on top of the bottle and pump a few times. Then take the make-up off. It's very gentle. I use a different eye-make-up remover when I have a heavy look and after this I always use a facewash with water. I can't live without that.
I use a new product from Sisley for that process but I can tell you more about that later! Oh and it smells so good. Also an important factor for me. I love Sisley.

This Gentle Makeup Remover is a 3 in 1 product: it removes makeup from the face and eyes, cleanses, and tones skin. Formulated with plant-based saponins with strong cleansing powers, it removes impurities and traces of pollution accumulated over the course of the day, preserving skin's radiance. It effectively eliminates even the most stubborn makeup from the face and eyes. 

A combination of 2 naturally-derived active ingredients with soothing, softening, and relaxing properties (linden blossom water and neroli extract), create a pleasant sensation of well-being and freshness. 

Place a cotton pad against the pump, then press 2 to 3 times to soak the pad. Begin by wiping each eye with a separate cotton pad and then continue on to wipe the remainder of the face with another cotton pad. Reapply if necessary to remove makeup completely. Use in the morning to awaken and stimulate the skin. Use in the evening to effectively eliminate makeup from the face and eyes. Do not rinse.

Active ingredients:

Extracts of Shikakai, Desert Date, and Gypsophila: plant-based saponins with strong cleansing power
Linden Blossom Water: soothes and softens the epidermis
Neroli Extract: provides toning properties
Natural Alpha Bisabolol: soothes
Provitamin B5: promotes well-hydrated skin and soothes

Appropriate for those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses.

€81,- 300ml

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