1+2+3: Well it has been a while but you all know I've been to Italy for a beautiful wedding! It was seriously a fairy tail. We went to Rome for a new days and after that to Perugia. I was around 30 weeks pregnant so it became a bit harder to do so much as possible. Flights/traveling, walking around all day, the heat... you name it. But I'm glad I went because it was great! And the Italian icecreams?.. AHHHH , could write an whole article about that haha.
4+5 wedding location= insane...  Doesn't Jorus look handome in this picture? #love 6: Selfie
7:Washing the baby clothes for the first time. 8+9: Babyshower! Had so much fun! Love for all the people who were there.
10: Autumn is just around the corner.. Time  to light my favorite candles again! 11+ 12: working on this autumn beauty look for you guys.


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IDM newborn fotografie