Oh hi there! I am 8 months pregnant right now and I thought it would be fun to give you guys a quick update.
Lets start with the fact that I feel great! Time went by so fast and I can't wait to welcome her.

The first trimester
From other woman I've heard that the first 3 months are hell.. feeling nauseous, tired and insecure.
I had nothing from all that.  I felt great! My blood pressure was kind of low so feeling a bit dizzy in the morning was something that was a little bit annoying but thats all. Oh and sometimes I felt like taking a little nap in the afternoon after work ;)

The second trimester:
More energy and you could not see anything yet! At the end of this trimester you saw people looking at my belly like... is she pregnant or just a bit fat? Well it was only (and still is) my belly that came in weight. We could tell everyone about our little secret that we had for weeks!

The third and last trimester:
Still going strong! Feeling a bit more tired but still as good as normal. The off-side is that I have gestational diabetes we just find out. So a diet and checking my blood sugars a few times a day is what I am doing now. I only came 9 kilo's extra in weight so thats normal for a pregnancy.

So I  am looking back on this pregnancy very enthusiastic. I felt myself shining all the time and didn't suffer from hormones or weird cravings. I would do it all again if it would be the same!
You never know how it will go and it's all about bad of good luck!

One month left! We are so excited and curious how she would look like.
I feel her so much in my belly.. sometimes it hurts haha!
Kicking and playing.. sometimes my whole belly is dancing around.

Hope you enjoyed my little update. Will update again when she is here!

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