Chanel recently launched a new fragrance. Well.. not completely new.. a renewed edition!
I am talking about the (as you all know) classic no5. That fragrance is one of the most populair, best selling fragrances of all times but you can also claim that it was not the best match with the younger public. They created this L' EAU version. I was very happy when Chanel send me this bottle because I was so curious. And you know what? I love it! The "traditional" one is quit heavy and this one is so much softer, more fresh, clean and powdery. All kinds of things I like in a fragrance. 
But you can definitely recognize that it's a version of the classic one. So well done Chanel!

"The vibrant presence of citrus zests reveals the familiar aromas of lemon, neroli, orange and tangerine revitalised by aldehydes.
Ylang-ylang enhances all the nuances of a bouquet also made of May rose and jasmine from Grasse.
The union of cedar and white musk notes reveal a new, fresh sensitivity."

Did you know you can order everything online now? They wrap everything up in a nice luxureous box.. so maybe a tip for the upcoming holidays!
You can find their website here:

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