Hi there lovely readers! Time to share something personal with you that I thought you would like to see. The Nursery for our little babygirl!
Just a few weeks left before she will introduce herself to us and honestly we can't wait. Very excited!
For her room we wanted to add the color mint. We decide that even before we new her gender. I think its a very cute unisex color but of course we mixed it with pink..;)
A few DIY just like the music mobile you see in the picture above here. I made this myself!
This box is in our livingroom btw.
So if you want to see more details, take a look:

The wooden stick as a swing is something that my boyfriend has made. How cool is that! It looks so cozy with the stuffed animals on top.

Sophie the giraffe is such a cute toy (this is the teething-ring). This photo frame is also a DIY but I had that made before I was pregnant. I added this confetti though. 

Our ride for the baby is this Stokke .. lets see what the name was.. Ah Xplory. We are both quit tall so this fits perfect.

I've bought so many cute (ok I say the word cute a lot in this article, I'm sorry..) clothes for her. Also clothes being made, like knitted cardigans and little booties by my mom and mother in law. How adorable is that?
Her Changing spot. Everything we need is right there.

Bathing time! I've heard a lot about NAÏF care so I hope she reacts good on this. We've bought every other must-have that was on the list. And believe me .. its a lot haha!
The dresser. I've stocked a lot of diapers and wipes haha. So we don't need to buy that the first week. Well we live right above a very large Kruidvat so that won't be a problem btw. 

We already received cute cards from friends and family to congratulate us with the pregnancy and I thought it would be fun to hang that up in her room on the closet. 

But I think were there now. Her due date is the 23th of October. Could be sooner, could be later.. it's a total surprise!

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