Shame on me! It has been such a long time since my last " life in instagram update" 
I'm sure u can forgive me when I am telling you my life has been a rollercoaster the last month.
Take a look!

1: One of the last days before labor, having a great lunch at Metropolitan! 2: How cute is this little bear.. 3: I've ordered this bracelet with here name for myself. 4: The plan was to go out for dinner but unfortunately baby is in total control of if that will happen.. and she was screaming all the time so we've ordered pizza instead.. 5: Strolling around in the Jordaan with Jolie and my sister (she took the picture) 6: Love this girly outfit on her. 7: That one day after 3 weeks that I could do my make-up YAY! A look with the new Chanel make-up. 8: Walking around with Jolie in her bear outfit.

10: A few days before labor when we walked trough Amsterdam. 11: Picked up a new book! Capture your style from Aimee Song. 12: Her outfit!!! 13: Cuddles 14: On Jorus his birthday we went out for dinner. The first time with the 3 of us. 15: Post partum .. after a week! 16: Everything 17: New Nike's! 18: I've treated myself on this Chanel item.. and you already know what ;)

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IDM newborn fotografie