Collistar comes with this major pretty and girly make-up collection for the next spring season.
I like the pink! It's very everyday wearable and suits almost everyone. My personal favorite from this collection? Definitely the plumping lip gloss.
A mixture of three vegetable waxes (mimosa, jojoba and sunflower) which lips protect and moisturize. Extras: a pleasant smell, does not stick, fresh mint effect and the plumping part of course.

" Imagine being on a sunny spring morning the gates opens and enters an Italian garden. Such an Italian garden where in ancient times only kings and princesses arrived. The perfect geometric shapes have a magical and highly attractive effect by the fantastic maze with shrubs, flower beds, flower and bushes and vistas that stretch to the horizon. Welcome to one of the most famous wonders of
Italy: The Italian Renaissance gardens, which today day by millions of people from all world regions
be visited. Also welcome the Collistar spring summer collection as a tribute to these gardens the
aptly named Giardini Italiani (read: Italian gardens)
has got. A pure, soft and friendly look inspired by a lush world of flowering blossom, cheerful colors
and soft pastel shades that reflect a perfect style. This collection is part of the Ti Amo Italia project
which Collistar -a brand with a 100% Italian at heart within the last three years to tell the world
about her love for Italy"
Maxi blusher  #21 "Rosa Dorata", Smudge-proof lip contour pencil "Transparant", Mascara infinito waterproof, Plumping lipgloss and the double effect eye-shadow #31 "Calla"
Lipstick #39 "Begonia"
Gloss nail laquer #694 "Ciclamino"  and  Blush-eye shadow highlighter #1 "Pink Bouquet" 

Available from Februari.


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