Let's talk about my top 5 nude nail polishes! 5 different brands which I all love and own more colors from. A few years ago I was a sucker for pink. Heavy bright pink, always. But now I can enjoy nudes even better. It looks classy and suits every outfit. I vary with pink and different kinds of red. But this is definitely my basic every day to-go-to. And that's why its a good idea to have different kind of nudes. Every brand offers a tint. What I said, when it comes to nail polishes these are my favorite brands.

Sephora "Camel Trekking"  I've bought this one when I was on a vacay I think in Barcelona or Paris. It's a small jar so it won't last for a long time of period I guess.

O.P.I "Pale to the chief"
A very pale nude that only suits when your skin is sun kissed.

Chanel "Organdi"
My number one favorite! Love this powdery nude so much that I wear this one the most of all.

Kure Bazaar "Essenziale" A darker kind of nude

ESSIE "Perennail chic"
Also one of my mostly used ones. Love it! just the perfect color for my skin tone.


IDM newborn fotografie